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Hong Kong Dong (BE)

Hong Kong Dong is a quizzical synth-electronic band from Ghent formed by three distinct minds. Together they evoke a very peculiar and twisted sound. One of the gang members is Bolis Pupul, who has released two EP's on Soulwax' new DeeWee label. He is the band's synth guru and singer with a unique and delicate voice that flows like a horny tai chi master. Sister Sarah Yu is the furious female singer and illustrator artist who brings with her the playful vibe of a child tossing around a Play-Doh microphone. The man behind the tweaked beats and guitars is Geoffrey Burton, the maestro guitar player who prefers to make his guitar sound like a synth or a cracking bird. Hong Kong Dong creates an intriguing world that is weird and attractive at the same time. You will get lost on their dance-symphonic path but it will always lead you back to the hiccup beating heart of the Dong.

Their debut album 'Sweet Sensations' (2012) and two EP's 'Lesbians are a boy's best friend' and 'Dreaming in Paradise' made them tour through Europe for several years. They have shared the stage with Deerhoof, The Chap, Soulwax, dEUS, Triggerfinger. Now they are ready with a smashing follow up that will be released in October 2017.