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Inner Visions (VI)

Twenty-three years of trying to get their musical vibes known in a Calypso/Soca music-infested environment has not been easy. Still, through sheer determination and will, Inner Visions has finally surfaced internationally to become one of the most sought after reggae bands over the last decade. In 1995, after release of their first CD, Love One Another, the question was asked, “Where have you guys been? You are the Virgin Islands’ best kept secret!”
The band has struggled from the beginning. Living on St. John, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands and a beautiful nineteen square mile Island in the northeastern Caribbean, has had its pluses and its drawbacks. Being so far from everything and not having the resources to record without extensive traveling abroad, Inner Visions built a reputation for being the band to see while visiting St. John. They managed to gain a fan base that would envy some of the most well known groups anywhere. Over the course of time, they have come to realize that they did not lose anything over the years by remaining stagnant. Instead they have seen where their labor of love has paid off. On their 2003 stateside tour, die-hard fans traveled for miles crisscrossing the United States just to see them perform. Of the fifty performances delivered, there were always folks present who had seen them at one time or another.

After several years the collaboration with Radiant Enterprises, USA booking agency, has been very fruitful taking them from Tampa to Vermont, New York to California, Texas, Colorado, Chicago, Nashville, Boston and Maine, just to name a few of the places they have performed. Still it was at a very small but wonderful club by the name of Club Helsinki in Great Barrington, Massachusetts that the band realized they had arrived. Again folks traveled for many miles to see the band. Although this in itself was impressive, it was the poster on the marquee that said it all - “Performing here tonight is Inner Visions ‘A Secret No More’!”

To round off a wonderful six months, the gigs culminated with a four-day stint at Universal Studios’ Club Bob Marley - A Tribute to Freedom in Orlando, Florida. Today Inner Visions is poised to take the world by storm. Just a mention of their recorded music brings smiles to their adoring fans everywhere. The quality of each of their productions speaks for itself. “We spare no funding when it comes to recordings. When we get old and gray, we’d like to be proud of the legacy we will be leaving behind. It sometimes takes us years to create a new product but it’s always done with the highest level of Grammy Award-winning sound. This is why we only have three CD’s and one single in circulation since our first recording in 1995,” says Grasshopper, band leader. In times like these when everyone can make a CD at home, it sure is nice to find that quality still matters to this group of “Street Corner Musicians”!