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Otto Lindholm (BE)

Brussels-based producer evolving between drone music and modern classical, Otto Lindholm employs an array of loop pedals and electronic effects in partnership with his double bass to produce a range of rich and voluptuous tones, emotions, and elongated melodies. Otto Lindholm came to light in 2016 with his debut eponym LP (Icarus Records), “a stunningly beautiful record” (FACT). His second LP ‘Alter’ (2017 Gizeh), was introduced on BBC6 by Mary Anne Hobbs as an “Extraordinary new LP. Deeply meditative”. Early 2018, he opened the new Houndstooth compilation ‘In Death’s Dream Kingdom’. Upon invitation of Stuart Argabright, he has collaborated on the new Black Rain EP ‘Computer Soul’ that will be released in October 2018 on Blackest Ever Black. His collaboration with P.Maze, Orphan Swords half duo, ‘Where The Wolf Has Been Seen’ is due to be released on Aurora Borealis Recordings at the end of 2018. Otto Lindholm recently begins a new collaboration with london based electronic producer Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow under the moniker Everything Falls Apart.