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Dan Sartain (US)

Dan Sartain is an American rock and roll musician from Birmingham, Alabama, United States.[1] His music encompasses a variety of genres including rockabilly and blues. After releasing two self-produced albums through independent record labels, his first commercially available studio album Dan Sartain vs. the Serpientes was released in 2005 through San Diego, California-based Swami Records. This was followed by Join Dan Sartain in 2006, also on the Swami label. In 2007 Sartain toured as an opening act for The White Stripes and The Hives. Sartain released a new single on Jack White's Third Man Records also produced by White entitled, "Bohemian Grove". In 2010 Sartain released his fifth album, Dan Sartain Lives. His single "Walk Among the Cobras Pt.1" can be heard playing on the radio of Nate's truck in the Russell episode of the video game The Walking Dead: 400 Days.