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do 04.08.2022
Helden in het Park

Helden in het Park

Helden in het Park is een gratis wereldmuziekfestival, georganiseerd door muziekclub N9. Op vier donderdagavonden treden telkens twee groepen op in het sfeervolle Heldenpark in Eeklo.

helden in het park



Dit evenement is gratis.

Helden in het Park 2022 - dag 2

Santrofi + Supergombo

Huna Sounds + Tweeden Asem

Santrofi (GH)

"The award for the most festive band at WOMEX goes, as far as I'm concerned, to the Ghanaian group Santrofi. The eight-man formation is strongly inspired by the pioneers of the Ghanaian highlife, especially Ebo Taylor and Pat Thomas. What a pleasure to see this energetic collective at work…

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Supergombo (FR)

SUPERGOMBO is an exciting new offshoot of the cultural blend made in France. Their Afrofunk sound is probably coming from the Tout Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and the Headhunters, blended with influences such as Senegalese Mbalax, Congolese Soukous, Funk and Jazz. But you would never real…

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donderdag 04.08.2022
deuren 19:00
start 20:00

Oostveldstraat 91
9900 Eeklo
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