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Temple Fang

Four-headed spacerock monster from Amsterdam with an enormous live reputation in Holland and abroad. Fiercely independent and averse to conventions, it makes sense  that their only release so far is a live recording of a 2019 show in Nijmegen, ‘Live at Merleyn’ that the band put out on their own label Right On Mountain Records. Before the pandemic hit, the band was on a victory run that lead them via festivals like Roadburn, Desertfest and Sonic Whip all the way to dutch national television.

Heavy yet elegant, ecstatically rocking and intensely psychedelic, a band as a deafening ode to the Creator. With feet in the salt of the earth and heads deep in the cosmos, Temple Fang hits you where it counts. Adventure rock for fans of The Grateful Dead, Motorpsycho, Hendrix and Coltrane.